17 November, 2016

What a Week

On Sunday night, I was trimming my hair and decided to try out a new technique. Snip, off went about four inches of a huge chunk of hair! Ha! Now I have about 20 pictures on my phone as I tried to get an accurate view of the back of my head. Two trips to supercuts, five "at home" re-chops, and lots of laughter, and I am now happy with my short hair. Except that I did have vivid dreams of a hipster, thick, dark, fishtail braid the next time I give birth... who knows. Maybe my hair will grow back really fast this time. Not pregnant ;).

Merit had her six month check up. 65% for head and weight, 50-something-ith for height. She smiled the whole appointment except when the nurse with the immunizations came in. As soon as she started putting on her blue gloves, Merit started shrieking! She remembered!

Sweet Kjel-Bell got really, really sick on Tuesday night with croup. She was retracting like crazy both at her throat and ribs, so we called her pediatrician and she told us to rush her to the ER. Once she got out in the open air, she was breathing much better. The ER doctor gave her some oral steroids (in addition to the prednisone she was already on from an earlier doctor's appointment). Steven and Kjel pulled into the garage at about 3:00 AM. We all slept until about 6:00. We were tired. Especially poor Steve who hadn't slept much the night before either.

Not related to the photos, but Will put on a shirt with a whale on it today. I said, "Wow, Will, you look awesome!" He said, "No no, Mommy. I not handsome. I so beautiful. Wiw beautiful." Ha.

She's feeling way better now. Fever is gone, just a tiny bit hoarse, and she's breathing just fine. Still a little weak, and she spent a lot of today resting.

Ha! One of the many back-of-head iPhone pictures.

Today was a half-day at Gage's school. We spent the morning tidying up, visited Supercuts for the final TWO SNIPS that I needed off the back. Layering your own hair into a long, a-line bob IS NOT EASY! Then walked over to Wegman's to get everything we needed for Steven's birthday. The kids did so well. This gnarly looking man in line behind us looked soooo grumpy, but when I picked Merit up out of her seat (because she was screaming), she immediately calmed down and smiled so big at him. He gave her the sweetest smile, clutched his heart and said, "You are so beautiful." Then he looked at me and said, "They grow up too fast. I have five. It hurts." I wanted to cry!

During the babies' naps, Gage and Kjel watched Wild Kratts. Gage built an obstacle course out of chairs and throw pillows while Kjel watched from her "sickie bed". I made Steven's cake (pictured above) and Gage poked the holes. He was offended that I was using caramel and sweetened condensed milk. "Why not just hot fudge?!" he asked.

After naps, we loaded ourselves into the car and went to Costco. Halfway through the drive my blood sugar PLUNGED. I don't know what happened, but I felt myself getting really faint. I started cold-sweating and turned on the AC. I told Gage to say prayers, and we were both praying out loud until I could pull over. He fished through my bag and found a forsaken packet of fruit snacks. I downed them in one mouthful and drove to Mark's Pizzeria by Costco. Shaking and pale, I ordered three slices and a root beer, went back to the car (I had left my kids in it, buckled up, and was terrified of someone calling CPS! No one did, as far as I know. I was literally two yards away from them, but people are very aware of that kind of thing here). DOWNED the pizza in like 2 minutes (and I don't really like pizza), chugged the root beer, then all of a sudden I was FREEZING cold. That is a good sign. I gave the kids their pizza and let myself close my eyes and breathe deeply.

Crisis averted.

Costco was good. We grabbed the rest of the groceries we needed, some gifts for Steven, and the kids got even more full on samples and hot dogs.

Steven got home right as we were pulling up. He helped me unload, then played with the kids till he had to leave for a meeting. The kids went down beautifully tonight (except Merit, who is struggling after her shots). But I was able to get our Thanksgiving grocery list written out, find some good recipes to try, and wrap Steven's gift.

Long, good day. And we didn't die in a car crash on the freeway. Double good day ;).

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