19 November, 2016

Two New Babies and a Christmas Tree

Today we bought our Christmas tree.

Our morning was slow and then we spent most of the day outside, raking leaves. Our backyard was absolutely covered, thick with leaves. It was seventy degrees today! So it was nice to be out there, feeling the warm sun. Steven made a huge pile and the kids jumped in and dug tunnels, threw leaves in the air, and found many old toys and sippy cups that were buried beneath the gold and red that has been falling for weeks.

I worked on getting our basement tidied up and ready for our Thanksgiving visit from Toni and Poncho. It doesn't look a whole lot different than when I started. Sometimes basements are like that.

After Merit's afternoon nap, the weather suddenly got super chilly and windy. The sky clouded over and leaves were blowing in every direction. We grabbed jackets and got buckled up in the car.

Hafner's is a little garden store just down the street from our house. I love shopping there in the summer because sometimes they get huge truckfulls of delicious peaches straight from Georgia for cheap. Mmmmm.

I also love shopping there at Christmas time! They have three or four huge greenhouses, filled with Christmas trees and one that is filled with poinsettias. The poinsettia room is amazing. So warm and moist, and they turn off the big lights and just have white Christmas lights strung up, with big white lanterns.

We wanted a douglas fir, but they only had frasier firs. That's okay. We found a good one. Small and cute, and just the right height for Steven and Gage to put the star on top.

We were all starving when we got home, so I got Merit settled and made dinner while Steven untied the tree and got it situated. We brought the lights up, and I had this one set of really cute over-sized glittery bulbs that I've been looking forward to stringing up all year long. And then Will bit one of the bulbs!!! I started freaking out a little because it's made out of glass, obviously, and Will just said, "Ew, gwoss gwass," and started spitting out the shards of glass on the rug. My heck. Steven ran over and helped him clean out his mouth while I swept up the mess. Never a dull moment. Why, Will? Why?!

I'm a tad melancholy because my sister Sierra and my best friend Rose had their babies (Mae and Lucas) within the last few days. I am ecstatic for them, but so achy sad that I can't be there to cook them dinner and hold their babies while they rest!!! I was the first one of my family and friends to have babies (aside from my brother and his wife), so I always imagined myself as the one who would be there to help. I forgot that I would have my own little babies at home who need me. Ah well. Texting is good, too :).

It feels good to have that tree set up. It's supposed to snow twelve inches tonight! So tomorrow after church (pray for us -- I will have all four kids by myself while Steven goes to do a training in another congregation), we will drink hot chocolate and pull out the decorations. Fingers crossed that Will doesn't get the itch to chew any of them. :)


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