30 November, 2016

Thanksgiving Photos

Right now I'm holding poor Merit who has croup :(. So I'll be brief. Our Thanksgiving was so great. We loved all of it! 

Tomorrow (the 1st) we will have our traditional polar express hot chocolate, cinnamon bread, and carols to ring in the official Christmas season. I've been slowly decorating for Christmas, but tomorrow while Gage is at school and Steve is at work, I'm pulling out everything else and truly decking the halls so that when they get home, we are in full-on Christmas mode. 

One of my favorite things to do is to wind lights around the banisters and in the kids' rooms. It just makes everything more magical. I do the multi-colored lights in their rooms and just white lights everywhere else (except on our family room Christmas tree, which is also multi-lights). I'll post pics soon.

I have noticed that I'm starting to really embrace our Scandinavian roots over the years as I've been homemaking. I love the concepts of kuslieg and hygge (thanks Sierra and all of our Danish friends for those beautiful, fantastic words and their meanings!), and I see it coming out in how I decorate my home in general, but especially at Christmastime. 

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you have a wonderful December first. We bought an adorable advent calendar/wreath last year which I am filling up as soon as I get Merit down, with stickers, peppermint patties, and little notes for every day until the 25th. 

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