21 November, 2016

Steven's Thirty-First Birthday

Starting Sunday afternoon, it has been snowing non-stop! We have close to eight inches out there! It is also Steven's birthday. He closed the office early so the staff could get home before it gets dark. So now he is home and we have a fire crackling happily away, better-than-everything cake in the fridge ready to be coated in fresh whipped cream, and Nana showering the kids with attention. 

Today Will said, "Mom, I not a fossa! I'm a CROCODILE!" I would never have guessed 6 months ago that he would be so verbal now!  
This morning before her flight got in, I was determined to clean up a bit and get everyone showered and dressed. We are all a little under the weather. Kjel is still coughing and the rest of us have sore throats and just feel kind of laggy.

Cozy and snuggled up by the fire after playing in the snow.

Steven had to leave early this morning to go help a new State Farm agent train his team, but halfway there the agent called him to reschedule, so he drove back home and we got the kids in their winter clothes to play in the snow. He quick built a fire for me then left for work. I put Merit down for a nap, then went to put on my new snow boots. I was so bummed when they were too small. Fingers double-triple crossed that Costco will let me switch them out for a bigger size! But I put on some other boots (not water proof. Wah.) And we built a snow fort (or tried to, but the snow was super powdery). Will's poor fingers were frozen since he refused to wear waterproof mittens and would only wear cloth gloves. So we came in after a little while and they drank hot chocolate while I made lunch, tidied up, and tried to catch up from the weekend.

And then before we knew it, Will was down for his nap, Nana was here, and the snow was still falling.

I love this time of year. And I am so happy that we put up our tree! Even if we have another "green" Christmas, this beautiful snow has filled me up.

Oh it doesn't show signs of popping, and I've got some cake for gobbling, and since we've no place to go, let it snow!

I'm thankful for Steven and so happy to celebrate another birthday with him. I love that he is a man who can make his own birthday breakfast when I'm taking care of a baby, and that I can always count on his scriptures and journal to be out on the table before we eat. We had a get-together to celebrate over the weekend with good friends and went out for a special lunch today.

I married a really good man. Love you, Steven! Thank you for everything. Happy birthday!

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