13 November, 2016

A Work Saturday

This weekend was busy with church stuff. We had Stake Conference, which is when all the congregations in our area get together in one meeting house for meetings both Saturday day, Saturday evening, and Sunday. Plus, our congregation is in charge of setting up for it since we use the building all the time, so Steven was up bright and early to play basketball in the church gym and then set up chairs. 

We knew he would be going back to the 3:00 meeting, and then I would go to the 6:00 meeting, so we decided to make Saturday a work day. 

We had lots of around-the-house projects that needed to be done, plus we were all still recovering from our trip, so it was a good decision.

We deep-cleaned the inside (I know it seems like I do a lot of cleaning -- I do. I love cleaning and organizing, but with six people, three of whom are pretty much toddlers, regular cleaning is required!!) Well, mostly I deep-cleaned the inside. The kids took baths and played, made their beds and colored while I swept, mopped, wiped, scrubbed, and sang along to Christmas songs on Pandora.

When Steve got home, he and the kids went outside to rake the leaves.

 They did more burying, throwing, and tunneling than getting the leaves to the curb. But that's the right way to do it, I think :). We still have a lot more leaves left on our maple tree, and so it didn't really make sense to try to do a thorough job anyway.

A cool thing about where we live is the leaf removal! A couple times every autumn a huge truck with an enormous vacuum-looking tube comes by and sucks up the leaves that the neighbors rake out to their curbs. We have to bag or dump into the woods, the leaves from the backyard, but the front yard is easy-peasy. Just rake them all around the mailbox and, slurp! The truck sucks them up.

While Steven was gone, Kjel (who had thrown up because she'd inhaled a leaf and choked on it) took a second bath, a really long, really warm one with lots of plastic animals. I love listening to hear talk and sing to herself in the bath. The boys and I got the rest of the house done, then we pulled out the Sculpey and made some fun little things. I made two caterpillars and a butterfly for Will. Gage made various Christmas sculptures and Kjel made a giant taco with a butterfly on top.

When Steve got home, I got ready, we all ate dinner, and then I left for the evening meeting. It was edifying and good, and I loved listening to the speakers.

Today was good too! We had church for two hours this morning. The kids did great until the last half-hour, when Will had a major freak-out because I wouldn't let him put a trash bag over his head. Oh, toddlerhood! I came home right after with the two babies to get lunch ready and put Merit down for a nap. Steve stayed a little longer and helped put away chairs with the two older kids.

Our friends from Tully came up with their eight amazing children and a visiting mom, and we ate cafe rio style salads for lunch. I asked lots of questions, and we had fun chatting with them. Every time I see the Moss family, I get so excited to have teenagers! I'm not getting ahead of myself, I do so love the young children stage, but teenagers are going to be so so so fun.

Steven did the dishes while I put Merit down after they left. I just bought some new knives from Amazon for $18 and they are AMAZING! Too amazing, actually. Steve sliced his finger open washing one of them! So I superglued it shut, and now he is resting on the couch, mooching snuggles from the kids as I type this blog post!

The sky is honey-colored at the bottom tonight, with dark purple and blue peeking out from behind the jet-black silhouettes of the trees behind our house.

I love life.

I am so thankful for all of the beauty around us. That is one amazing thing about the atonement - in Isaiah we are told that the Lord makes beauty of ashes. I know that to be true, what isn't already beautiful becomes beautiful through the grace of Jesus Christ. He is the Great Beautifier.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. A giant taco with a butterfly! Ha. Kjel has the best imagination. I'm reminded of the pictures she drew for us when I was at my parents' home a year or so ago. My favorite was the tiny, hairy apple.


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