04 November, 2016

I Am Voting For

This morning Gage asked for two dollars to buy two elephant pencil sharpeners from the school store - one for him and one for Kjel.

When we picked him up, he was so excited to give it to her. Will loved it though, and has since claimed it for his own :). On the drive home, Gage told us that today as part of their government unit, the second graders all voted for someone that they think would make a great president. I asked Gage who made the list (the teacher wrote all the names that were voted in on the board)

Mrs. Sylvia (the principal)
Ms. Vollick (a 2nd grade teacher)
Daniel (who knows)
Hillary Clinton
Steven Redfern
Gage Redfern!

Gage voted for his dad, ha! And a little girl named Emily voted for Gage! Isn't that funny? He said that when he saw his name on the board he thought, "There must be some kind of mistake" but no, Gage Redfern written in bright red expo on the whiteboard.

I asked him why he voted for dad, and he said, "I don't support Trump or Clinton and Dad is a good leader." Amen to that!

If I could have the president that I want, he or she would:

  • Give power to the states and shrink the central government
  • Embrace immigration
  • Leave marijuana, gay marriage (too late, I know), and other important decisions to the states
  • Empower local governments to take charge of education (give power back to the states)
  • Defend the 2nd amendment AND reform gun control laws to only allow guns into healthy homes
  • Understand that families are the single most important unit in our country, and strengthen them through empowering both men and women to provide, protect, and nurture their families
  • Encourage legislation that would equalize men and women in the workplace
  • NOT raise the federal minimum wage
  • Spend time and resources teaching, empowering, and sustaining women and men so that the people know the physical and emotional dangers of abortion and that there are many other options (LIKE ADOPTION) - ultimately I believe that if our focus was not on forcing things one way or another, but on educating about choices and consequences and loving people, then we wouldn't HAVE to argue about abortion, because few would actually want them. I really do believe that. Have you been pregnant? Have you seen a six week ultrasound? I have, six times. And my living children were just as real, and alive as the ones who didn't make it. Life is precious. Even six week fetal life. (I support the option to choose if the mother's life is in danger or in cases of rape or incest). But I simply have to speak up on behalf of the unborn human's rights. I have felt a baby that could be legally aborted wiggle around in my belly and cannot imagine the horror that a mother goes through when she carries out the choice of abortion. 
  • And many other good things. Like, not lie or bribe or sexually assault women. Ahem. 

I am voting for Evan McMullin. Yes, I know that there will probably be a total of two votes (me and Steven's) in New York State for him, and yes, I know that our votes won't do anything in the big picture. BUT, I need my posterity to know that I voted with my conscience.

I don't think it will be the end of the world if Clinton wins, I don't think it will be the end of the world if Trump wins. But I DO think that neither of them seem to mind that the federal government has way too much power. In college I remember arguing like I've never argued before with a libertarian that the federal government needed to expand. Haha. Life experience has humbled me much in the last few years. I believe in people helping people. I believe that the government protects the country and can and should do so without infringing on the rights of the people. I believe that the stronger families are, the stronger our country is. The stronger the family, the lesser the crime rate, poverty, gang violence, teen pregnancy, rape, and all other horrid things.

Please, future president, believe in families. Believe in teaching children to be honest and hard-working. Believe in helping parents help themselves, so that they can help their children learn to help themselves.


  1. Adorable story! :D
    I really like what you've said about families. They truly are the center to success.


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