24 November, 2016

Hoorah for the Pumpkin Pie!

Over the river and through the woods,
To Wegman's the kids and I go.
The van knows the way,
On ice it might sway,
Past chunks of frozen snow.

I tried to write a second verse, but my brain is not poetic this morning. I am determined to finish everything by nap time so that I can play games with Steve, Gage, Kjel, and Steve's parents before we leave for Thanksgiving at our friends' house.

But I did finish the pumpkin pies yesterday, and they smell heavenly. I am so glad my mom gave me a lesson on pie crusts when she was visiting this summer. I feel so pilgimish, rolling out my dough.

I feel so thankful today for good, good friends and wonderful family. Life is good!

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