01 November, 2016

Halloween 2016

Will decided at the last second to be a dinosaur (thank heavens for our costume box), Kjel was TinkerKJEL and Gage was Peter Pan. 

Merit was asleep for the first part, so we just took the kids around the cul-de-sac and then Steve went back and got her to join us for the little stroll around the block.

I am always, always so impressed with the people in our neighborhood who give out full-sized candy bars! So generous.

I made an oath that I am done with candy - all kinds - that morning. So happy I did, because I was quite tempted by the full-sized hershey bar with almonds that Kjel got in her pillow case!

(The extra kids in the picture are friends from church)

And then, my favorite part! Sorting and trading. My kids are too nice. They just give each other the things they want from each other's stashes. My brother and I learned everything we know about business from Halloween trading. I was trying to instigate more intense trades, but in the end I was happy with how sweet they all were with each other :).

Will took one bite, one lick, and then was done. Thank heavens.

Gage was super thrilled to put all of his not-favorite candies in a pile to sell to the dentist! Woo hoo! I convinced him that he would rather have cold, hard cash than a bunch of candy he sort of likes.

I know some parents really struggle with knowing how much candy to let their kids eat on Halloween. Want to know what we do? I make a healthy and very popular dinner that I know my kids will gobble up (we love to put chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes, and some cream cheese in the crockpot then serve over rice with a big salad). They were STUFFED by the time we went trick-or-treating. When we came home, we told them that they could play, sort, trade, and eat their candy until bath time. When you don't limit the amount of candy they can eat, but how long they can eat, it's way more effective (in my humble opinion). Because it actually takes a LONG time to eat a lot of candy! They probably all ate 2 or 3 pieces. Will didn't fully consume any, but sampled maybe five total pieces.

I loved Halloween, but I'm so excited for the holiday season :).

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  1. I like the time frame idea for candy, I'll have to try that in the future and I love what that dentist does!


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