07 November, 2016

A Man That Laughs

Everyone was exhausted on Saturday. We didn't stay up late last night, so no idea why. We moved slowly through the morning tasks, got everyone bathed/showered, and by 11:30 got the little ones down for naps. 

Backyard beauty!

Gage had a friend's birthday party at noon, so Kjel and I took him and while he was at the party we went to Marshall's to find some cute boots for Kjel and some things for Steve's office. We've done a major organization overhaul at that office over the last couple weeks and have an empty bookshelf, ready to be decked out with cute stuff. I found a couple of things and I'm hoping Steve's cool with a minimalist mentality until I find more stuff that feels right ;). I'm an emotional shopper. We did find some good boots for Kjel, though. On clearance, too!

More back yard

After we took the stuff to the car (and Kjel changed into her new boots) we walked across the parking lot to Wegman's and Kjel picked out a California roll and a chocolate-dipped cookie for lunch :). We sat down by the Christmas tree in the corner of the eatery and chatted about Kindergarten next year while we ate. She is such a good sharer, and she hates "dirty sushi". She will only eat clean sushi (with no soy sauce, ginger, or wasabi on it). So funny.

When we got home, I had a few projects to work on. Steve had cleaned the basement while we were gone, what a saint. I meant to make bread all day and never got to it. But we did decide to go out on an adventure even though every one of us felt totally pooped out today! Even getting into the car the kids were lagging. 2/4 soon fell asleep on the drive to Pratt's Falls.

And then we chose to laugh (the next time you are tempted to groan, try laughing instead, remember? Joseph B. Wirthlin) when Pratt's Falls was CLOSED! And it was a super long walk to park in the road then hike in to the actual trail. So we turned around and drove toward Clark Reservation, which is another favorite place.
GAGE took this. What a photographer! 
We played at the playground and took a quick walk over to the table rocks where the kids crunched leaves and guzzled down the red gatorade that Steven had brought. Our kids love gatorade.

This one too :)

Model face :)

Then we came home and put on jammies, ate dinner, sang and prayed and brushed teeth. It was a good day. :)

Oh - earlier in the day I found all of Gage's undies from when he was 2 and 3. They are so cute and teensy! I was pulling them out of the dryer when Will came toddling by. "Do you want to wear these awesome Spider-Man undies?" I asked. He said, "YET!" (yes). As soon as I put them on him, he asked me to take his shirt off, and then he crawled into my lap (this picture is in our basement - that's where our laundry room is) and asked me to tickle his back while he cried in my lap. No idea. Then he asked me to put his diaper and the rest of his clothes back on him. Funny boy. I'd really, really love to only have on kid in diapers, but I'm not gonna push it.

Steve was in "jail" under the basement stairs while all of this transpired, laughing quietly and taking photos. I love that I'm married to a man that laughs!

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