23 October, 2016


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Yesterday we drove to Farmington, Connecticut to walk through the new LDS (Mormon) temple. The ladies in front of us thought we were crazy to drive 4 hours there, tour the temple, then turn around and drive four hours back. Those ladies were right ;). In the words of that one General Conference talk, I felt like I should tell everyone, "They are all mine, and it's no picnic." Ha. Gage and Kjel were pretty good, but Will was being in-sane. Climbing all around, smacking things, making really loud animal noises. My personal favorite was when he started pretending to be a baby. There must be some psychological stuff going on with this poor third child. He would lay on his back on the floor (in the middle of the sealing room while the poor usher was trying to bear his testimony about eternal marriage) and go, "Waaah! Waaah! Wiw is COOT BABY!"

I tried to paste a smile to my face and "keep calm and carry on" but I was worried we were ruining the experience for everyone around us.

Thank heavens for Steven. He kept me laughing through it and on the drive there when I really do think I may have hurt my neck permanently, trying to lean over Gage to nurse Merit in her carseat, and on the drive back when all the kids were crying because they were tired and we were driving through an insane rain storm. Haha! Oh, how I love my life.

I felt the Spirit in the temple. I needed that. It was a sweet experience. I felt the depth and weight of it in my heart; that God is real, that He loves us, and that He is merciful.

Have you read the talk The Abundant Life by Joseph B. Wirthlin? Mormon or not, I think you'd love it. He talks about drinking deeply "of living waters" every day, to experience the delight and wonder of mortality.

I'm so thankful for the Savior, that he lived and died and lives today for me and my family - so that we don't have to forever taste the bitterness and finality of sin and death but can repent and change and taste the sweetness and the purity of the love of God. I know this to be true.

Happy Sunday!

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