26 October, 2016

Will, My Love

I often tell Steven (to his major chagrin) that I never knew what it was like be truly loved until Will came along, haha! He assures me that he loves me more than Will, and I know he does ;). BUT I can do no wrong in Will's eyes. I am a perfect being. He adores me and is content just to look at me and hug me and kiss me. He asks nothing of me (probably because he's just barely learning to speak), but gives me all the loving he has in his cute, chubby body.

I, in turn, adore Will. His siblings sometimes get annoyed with me for letting him get away with so much. Probably too honest there, but it's reality. It's so easy for me to overlook his little mistakes because he just loves me so much!

From last February
And the truth is - if he is mean to Gage or Kjel, he will almost immediately hug and kiss them and soon they are smiling and have completely forgotten the offense.

Will loves animals and he absolutely loves Go, Diego, Go. Today he put his hands on his heart and said, "I Diego. A animal's in tubble! A baby jaguar and po-war bear! I help yem!" We all said, "Go, Diego, go!" And he went off running. Just now, before I put him down for his nap, I was trying to coax him under his blanket saying, "oooh, so so soft! I love this bed!" He said, "I don't yike. It's yucky bed."


The toddler years are so funny. As long as you can smile through the tantrums, messes, and potty training. Which, I can. Now. I didn't with Gage, I started to with Kjel, and I'm pretty much rocking the toddler years with Will ;). Not to brag, but it's true.

And in the spirit of total honesty, I have NO CLUE how to do these early school years. Kindergarten and first grade were fine, but second grade is proving to be quite a challenge. Someday, a few years from now I'll say: I didn't with Gage, I started to with Kjel, and I'm pretty much rocking the pre-tween years with Will. I hope so, anyway. :)

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  1. I think you're rocking it with all of them Brooke. But I often think - even now, that there's something extra remarkable about oldest and older kids. They are resilient and seem to all get by just fine with parenting mistakes :) Thankfully, the younger ones seem to do ok too!


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