29 October, 2016

Try Laughing Instead

I mentioned before that we spent last Saturday in Farmington, Connecticut, walking through the new LDS temple that has just been completed. Here are the photos:

Too pretty. Seriously. I'm worried that she will have the trial of "too many suitors"

Waiting to go in -- this is the lady that thinks we are nuts. She is right. :)

The temple! 

An attempt at a family photo in front of the temple. Will's smile kills me. 
I was hollering, "Everybody, gather RIGHT HERE! As soon as I take this WE ARE GETTING FRIES! Jump in! If you don't see your face in the phone, then MOVE! JUST THINK ABOUT FRENCH FRIES! To THE LEFT, GAGE! Okay, ready? Taking it! SMILE!" Oh the energy it takes to snap a family selfie. It takes a lot, if you haven't experienced this. The poor, poor, non-LDS couples and small families that were trying to bask in the peaceful spirit of the temple, watching our small circus bounce around. Oh, it makes me want to laugh and cry. We are quite a bunch.

That is a post for another day - keeping your energy just a few decibels higher than the children's. Maybe someday I'll write about it. If I have the energy :).

Why do we do these things? Why do we pile four children into a van and drive five hours for a twenty minute tour? Then take them to Five Guys for dinner (we very rarely eat out) and, in our fatigue and starvation, allow Will to crawl under the chairs of the people sitting at the table next to us? Why do we let the kids dip their sleeves in ketchup and refuse to eat what they begged us to order?

Oh, it's so funny sitting here in my cozy family room, the children all tucked away and my autumn candle about to be lit. Ha! You know what, though? In the moment, it was pretty funny.

Joseph B. Wirthlin said, "The next time you are tempted to groan, try laughing instead." That has changed my whole life. I have laughed more in the last six months than my whole life put together. It's really true, ask Steve. And it has made all the difference.

I definitely laughed a whole lot last Saturday :).

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