27 October, 2016

The Ideal and The Reality

The Ideal (On Tuesday)
Wake up early
Exercise & personal study
Make breakfast
Scripture study with family
Take Gage to school
Make big salad to bring to the preschool Halloween party potluck
Shower and get ready
Take Kjel to preschool and stay with the other two kids to help the teacher-mom
Eat lunch at the party
Come home and put kids down for naps
Have fun Mommy & Kjel time
Clean kitchen & floors
Pick up Gage
Make dinner
Go to meeting
Come home & have fun snuggle time with Steven
Go to bed early

The Reality (On Tuesday)
Wake up LATE (8:30!!!!) This was a bit stressful, but also so nice. I loved feeling rested.
Throw on crazy outfit (bright coral sweatshirt, work out capris and leather oxfords. Oh my.)
Down breakfast after missing family scripture study
Get Gage to school (late)
Come home and get Kjel dressed
Get her to preschool on time, but still dressed in crazy person outfit
Leave to go home and get ready instead of helping
Come home, put Merit down for 20 minute nap, get showered and dressed, let Will watch Wild Kratts
Halloween party (I DID make a salad for this and it was dang good)
Home for naps
Will refuses to nap
Snuggle time with kids, get a few things done like scriptures and kitchen
Pick up Gage from school
Make dinner
Go to meeting
Come home & make lunches, feed Merit and put her to bed
Get a migraine
Go to bed early
Toss and turn because of migraine
End up on couch downstairs because I'm a paranoid sleeper and hate to keep Steven up when I'm tossing and turning
Wake up at 3 with Merit and climb back into bed after that

Start again.

Thought you might be interested in the plan versus the reality. Do you want to know something the'ts embarrassing but true? i'm never as early, as cute, as prepared, or as fun as I wish I could be. But I try. And I do first-things-first. And I try to keep my well nice and full so that I don't find myself running on empty. But sometimes the well runs dry and my body says, "Brooke, slow down."

You know the one thing I do have going is that I give a lot of love to my family. I hope that when they are grown they will ignore the many times I forgot to send this-or-that in to school, or that I wasn't the helper-mom on all the field trips, or that I never had pretty colors on my fingernails... and remember that every day at pick up I had a big smile on my face and a warm hug. That's what I hope.

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