02 October, 2016

One Thing a Day

I want to do one special thing every day with my "at home" kids. Kjel starts kindergarten next year and Will just two years after that. The time is speeding by! 

I stole some of these ideas from Jen, who is an amazing mom. You should read her blog. It's been my nursing reading material for a couple of weeks now! Yep, good stuff. 

I'm going to print this list out and then choose one of these each day to make sure I do with Kjel and Will. 

- Make cookies and bring them to the neighbors
- Paint together
- Do Ring-Around-the-Rosie or London Bridge on the trampoline (or inside if the weather's bad)
- Make a "nest" out of my bedding and read them "Are You My Mother?"
- Take them to Wegman's to pick out their favorite yogurt (even more loved than ice cream in this house) and let them eat it before lunch
- Pull out the costume box and take pictures of them doing cool poses in costumes
- Eat a picnic lunch in the house, on a blanket
- Play hide and seek tag
- Make mailboxes for their bedrooms and deliver treats and notes during the day
- Have pretend birthday/tea parties and make cute birthday hats to wear
- Gather all the stuffed animals and put them in a "zoo" 
- Draw together
- Play play doh
- Paint fingernails (yep, Will's too. He loves the blue sparkly nail polish)
- Go on a bear hunt in the house
- Let them dress up and act out a book as I read to them
- Drink hot chocolate and watch the snow
- Play marching band and march around the house

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