16 October, 2016

More on Scriptures

Cute picture of my girls, just for fun :)
Our kids are seven, four, two and five weeks. So I don't know that our method of scripture study at this time will be what we do always, but for now it is working really well!

Here are some of the five minute lessons we've done before school these last couple weeks since we changed things up:

- Anti-Nephi-Lehis burying weapons of war: So much in this story (it's actually my favorite in the scriptures), but we simplified and gave each kid a small plate with some toothpicks (weapons.. I had tiny cupcake swords but they were lost in the abyss of the basement) and a little mound of oatmeal. We talked about how the people buried their swords  -- what are the kids' "swords"? They answered: looking for reasons to be grumpy, hitting, yelling, not sharing. We explained that "burying" them means to put them far away from us and fill our time with good things, so that we aren't tempted to "unbury" our old bad habits.  They had fun burying the toothpicks with oatmeal. It was quick clean up and we read a few verses in Alma.

- The Brother of Jared and the stones: we found our old Mancala game and gave each kid a few of the little marbles. We let them hold them and play with them while we read the story in Ether, and summarized after each verse what it meant. We explained that when we have a problem, we can ask Heavenly Father for help through prayer, and He will always help us.

- Daniel and the Lions Den: I got this idea from my friend Jen. But we told the story of Daniel and read 1 Nephi 3:7, explaining that when we are commanded to do something, the Lord helps us find a way to accomplish it. We let the kids pretend to be Daniel and Steven and I were the lions, first scary, then nice and snuggly. It was fun for the little kids, Gage thought it was weird :).

Our most spiritual lessons are when we teach stories of Christ. We try to keep those less object-lesson-y and teach the doctrine and the details of the stories. My favorite lesson has been Jesus feeding the 5,000. It was on Sunday morning, so Steven was at church, but the kids and I ate breakfast then I told them the story and read the scriptures to them. I asked them to imagine that we were there. We all talked about how it would feel to be so hungry from walking so long, and unsure if we would have any food. Then to realize that Jesus was going to give us enough bread and fish to fill our bellies, the kids really understood that. We talked about how the gospel and especially the scriptures fill our hearts and souls with nourishment. I felt the Spirit and I know the kids did too.

I love the scriptures. I am learning to treasure them. I so badly want my children to learn a love for the scriptures from Steven and I. I am so thankful for Steve. Every morning, for years, he has been up before (or with) the kids (on the mornings they wake up at horribly early hours), studying his scriptures at the kitchen table, with his notebook and pen. He'd be embarrassed if he read this, but I know that his example of diligent, consistent study has blessed our family and will keep blessing our children.

PS. I made this bread today and it worked! If you know me, you know that's a miracle. For some reason, I am a bread murderer. I've never made a yummy loaf before. But today! Today! MOST delicious sandwich bread ever. Try it!

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  1. Homemade bread is one of my very favorite things!! It can def be tricky so GOOD JOB! Also, Steven and his scripture study.. I love that he's always been so diligent. What a blessing!


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