17 October, 2016

Monday, Glorious Monday

Have I said on here before how much I love Mondays?

I try to keep them wide open so that I can spend the day at home, preparing the home, kitchen, kids, and Steven and I for the week. Kjel just asked me, "Do you go to Mommy school?" Ha! Love her.

I said, "Yes. My mommy school is here with you kids."

Today we deep cleaned the upstairs, read a bunch of books in Kjel's bed after the kids took baths and were ready to snuggle up under the nice warm comforter. We took Gage to school and I went to the chiropractor early. We ate lunch, deep-cleaned the kitchen, colored and glued googly eyes onto every surface imaginable in Kjel's craft box, did yoga (oh yes, WE did. Kjel is an amazing yogi!), put the babies down for naps, studied, deep cleaned the dining room, started laundry, and put chicken in the crockpot for tacos tonight! Believe it or not, there is still much Monday stuff to do. I need to prepare Family Night, make a treat (I'm not above bribing the kids to loooove family night because of the treats), work on letters with Kjel, take care of the babies, SCRUB Gage's head when he gets home from school (I was checking for lice the other day and found dandruff like crazy), pick up Gage from school (before the scrubbing), make the rest of dinner, clean up dinner, put away laundry, take a shower, and then just regular family and home maintenance.

Then, if all goes well once the kids are in bed, Steven and I are going to work on our puzzle! It's a real beauty. All sorts of wintery birds perched on a red, snow-covered adirondack chair. Love it.

I hope Steven and my kids really understand that I love homemaking. It is such an honor to be the queen of this crazy palace, to be in charge of nourishing souls and bodies. I love it so much. On the hard days, it is hard. When I don't feel well, or the kids are sick, or there are external stresses, and all that. It's hard, I don't want to make it sound like my life is perfect. This isn't the place for me to spout off all the stuff we struggle with.

But I am telling the truth when I say that I love my life, warts and all. I am so thankful that I get to shape souls by small and simple means.

Plus, I am half-extrovert half-introvert and my half-introvert self rejoices in Mondays of solitude and elbow grease. PLUS PLUS it's a rainy, foggy, honey-colored day here. The leaves are all golden and bowed from the heavy rain last night. Love autumn. Love life. There is so much beauty here. Happy Monday!

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