18 October, 2016

Last Weekend

Having children makes me very, very intentional about how we spend our weekends.
Not being pregnant makes me very, very ambitious about how we spend our weekends ;).

I try hard to plan fun, new, exciting, bonding activities and outings for our family on Saturdays. Friday nights are date nights - generally Steven and a kid or two, or me and a kid or two. Sometimes Steven and I. I like those dates nights :). 
This last Friday, Gage and Kjel and I went out for frozen yogurt. Yum :). Then we went to the new Goodwill on Route 11 and they each picked out some books. Did you know they give you a free child's book with every visit, per child you have with you? I'd never been in that Goodwill before, but I really liked it. 
Kjel bought the Golden Books "Sleeping Beauty", Gage got an encyclopedia about Star Wars Angry Birds, and I bought a Mo Willems book and an animal encyclopedia for the kids to share.
Saturday was a slow start, but after the kids' naps, we went out to a place called The Hollow. Don't go to the hollow.com, it's a scary website, ha! I made that mistake. But if you want to go, just google Seneca Turnpike The Hollow, and you'll be able to find it. 

Super cool. We will definitely go again next year. We had a weekend budget of $20 and stayed right under it, which is awesome, considering what we did at The Hollow: we went through the corn maze (never again will I take a double stroller through a corn maze), jumped off the hay bales, bought apple fritters (so buttery and sweet, loved them), went through the spooky haunted house, pet the animals, the younger kids played in the corn pit (like a ball pit but dried kernels), and bought four pumpkins. For dinner, we were going to buy hot dogs at Costco cause it's pretty close, but it was closed when we got there. Bummer. The kids thought the world had ended.

But we came home, ate sandwiches on homemade bread (I linked the recipe a couple posts back), and hit the hay. 
Sunday was good. Merit rolled off the bench while I was leaning over to grab my nursing cover. I thought Gage was watching her, but he wasn't, and she just rolled off. Oops! She wasn't hurt, though. Just startled. We had a linger longer after, and it was a little insane, but fun.
The kids and I have started a tradition of taking, as we call it, "A little meander" through the neighborhood after church. Steven has to stay after for meetings, so I pack the van and we explore different streets in our neighborhood. It's especially beautiful right now with the leaves. Merit usually falls asleep during this drive, and Will gets drowsy enough that I can just carry him upstairs and get him ready for his nap. 
We had a family over for dinner; they were fun, and it was especially magical when we were eating caramel popcorn while a rainstorm raged outside. Love Sunday rain storms!
Life is good. We are immersed in the new week, but I'm already excited for the weekend :). 

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  1. Brooke, I just love you so much! I want to be more like you in so many ways. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! XOXO


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