24 October, 2016

Ith You Feel Like Reading

- I was wishing I could carry around a recorder all day to catch Kjel's cute little comments. And then I realized: duh, my phone. I need to take more videos. Kjel is so cute. She was so confused the day she learned that "teefers" is wrong: it's teeTHers. Since then, she confuses the F and TH sounds all the time. "Ith I was a monster, would I eat people?"

- This afternoon was a bit busy and as we were running out the door to pick up Gage, I realized that I hadn't seen my phone for a while. I didn't have time to find it, so we just left and when we pulled up to Gage's school, Steve's car was in the parking lot. I smiled so big. What a guy. He had been calling me to see if I needed help today - I had a hard night last night and didn't sleep much. He was already there with Gage, headed back to the parking lot by the time we had made it over to the pick-up area. :)
This was from earlier this fall at the Sunflower Maze in Manlius, NY

- Will LOVES animals so much. I have really soaked up toddlerhood this time around - I think it is my most favorite stage so far. Today he said totally clearly, "Mom, there's an animal in trouble!" I gasped and said, "Oh no! What kind of animal? Can you rescue it?" "Yeah! A PANDA BEAR!" Will loves pandas. Probably because he is a panda.

- Merit has the sniffles. I think I may have a touch of PTSD from Will's RSV hospital stay. I know she's way older than he was, and very mobile, so even if she DOES get RSV, she'll be fine. But I still said an extra prayer as I laid her down in her crib tonight. Her humidifier is on full-force, so hopefully that will help clear her up.

- Steven and I have made a pact: we have a $10 Christmas budget for each other BUT every week that we exercise for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, we can add an extra $5 to our budget. To you exercise gurus, that may sound pathetic, but trust me, it is SO HARD to find an extra twenty minutes every day! My body needs me to do yoga, so I make time for that every morning, but running on the elliptical takes special planning. So far we are on day one and rocking it :).

- The leaves outside are insanely beautiful. I LOVE NEW YORK! Our backyard trees are super yellow this year. Last year they were red. Is that a weird sciency thing? I'd like to know more about that.

Yoga girl :)
- I want to buy clothes. I've had two really good, deep talks with close mom friends over the last couple weeks, and both times I've come away with LOTS of good ideas to chew on, but one of the less grand but more fun ideas is that I really ought to buy clothes that fit me now, rather than squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I hate being bigger than usual :(. Slow and steady, right? I know I'll get there. Soon, I'm sure. But in the meantime, I gotta remember that it's the LOVE not the LOVE HANDLES that matter ;).

And that is it for today!

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  1. That picture of Kjel! I just want to hold her ... I know she'd let me. But the kiss I want, not so sure I would get that!


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