15 October, 2016

Hope and Keep Busy

Starting in January 2014, we decided that every year we would choose a new family motto that we would say together morning and night before scriptures, song, and prayer. In 2014 we chose, "Am I true?"; 2015 was, "I want to be valiant", and 2016 is, "Hope and Keep Busy."I don't think we've missed a morning.

We chose Hope and Keep Busy last winter when I was pregnant with Merit, and reading one of my favorite books to read again and again, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I started reading out loud to Steven one night when the snow was fluffy and thick outside, and he said, "Brooke, that has to be our motto." When Mr. March is wounded and Mrs. March goes to help him, she leaves behind some scared, worried daughters, and gives them wonderful advice for how to carry on while she is gone. The girls decide that their motto for that time will be "hope, and keep busy." 

I know the word "busy" has some negative connotations, but in our family we took this to me that we need to keep a hopeful and happy perspective, and work really hard every day in whatever roles we have. It's been a real guiding light for each of us during different trials. I remember when Merit was a newborn and I was struggling with nursing (it's always painful in the beginning), but she was also a very uncomfortable newborn and I was not bonding with her how I wanted to. I would repeat to myself "Brooke, just hope and keep busy" often, and it helped! It got me through the hard and gave me focus when it would have been easy to give in to frustration or despair. 

Our mottos have always just kind of come to us in a moment of inspiration. Through a talk, a Family Home Evening lesson, or in this case, a novel. So far I am not sure what 2017's mottos would be. But I know something will crop up soon and we will be all the better for it. 

Here are some pictures of life around here lately; things I want to remember when I look through old posts in a few years. Hi, future Brooke! ;) 

An evening home. The troops were all upstairs brushing teeth and I was getting ready to tidy up, make lunches for tomorrow, and put kids to bed. I love evenings. Busy evenings, lazy evenings, social evenings, evenings of solitude. Love them all! 

The other day Kjel wanted to take funny pictures in photo booth. She and Will are little comrades now. They spend all day together (except when Will is napping) laughing and playing and kissing. They are both super affectionate children :).

Kjel took this! Little photographer. So much about this photo makes me chuckle. Our couch, once white, that we decided to dye navy, but did not turn navy. After three attempts. Oh boy. Our gray wall that needs trim work and a second coat. My postpartum body that I'm trying to love, but struggling with. And Adorable Merit, so snuggly and warm. 

I had to roll down the window and snap a picture of the parking lot at Gage's school. Those fall colors are unreal! And that poor guy probably thought I was taking a picture of him. Ha! 

This is our home sweet home. Please don't come kill us in the night. We spent all summer painting it blue. Luckily it was the right color, unlike our poor couch. I'm thankful for our small plot of land, garage, front porch, and the trees behind our house. Our yard is a dream. I love life.

If you do a yearly motto, I'd love to hear about how you chose it and what you've chosen in the past. 

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  1. I love love the motto idea! I want to start that, tomorrow lol. Brooke, I just love reading your posts!


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