30 October, 2016

Halloweening 2016

It's been chilly the last few days and the leaves are starting to fall in droves. Fall peaks around here mid-October, then it starts to get a tiny bit sad after that. It's still really beautiful out there, just damp and the trees look like they aren't quite comfortable with anyone seeing them naked. Ha. 
Winter is coming! Halloween is tomorrow. We have definitely Halloweened ourselves out this year. I'm ready for Thanksgiving! 
Some fun things we did to celebrate October: - ate pumpkin bread and watched Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, picked apples and pumpkins, visited a couple different farms and enjoyed corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and jumping off of bales of hay, carved and painted pumpkins, went to a few different Halloween parties, read lots of Halloween books, tried on all of the costumes in our costume box :), and tomorrow I will spend the morning helping out at Gage's school. 
I have so much respect for educators. Two hours in Gage's class and I am totally ready to be done! But it is super fun to help them all get into their costumes, watch them parade around the parking lot, and help them cut out little pumpkins for a craft.

Tomorrow afternoon we will watch Room on the Broom, get ready to Trick or Treat early, eat dinner (still not sure what.. I love the idea of Halloween Chili and Cornbread but my kids don't love chili and neither do I), then go trick-or-treating! I'm trying to convince the kids to sell half of their candy to the dentist's office close to our house. Isn't that a cool thing? You sell them your candy by the pound, then they mail it to soldiers overseas. Win-win :).

Gage has been building haunted houses all over the house this weekend. They are actually pretty scary! The scariest one was in Kjel's room. He used me and Steven's phone and an old iPhone and put them all on the "thunder" noise on the white noise app, then hid them around the room. He turned off the lights, put on Kjel's nightlight, and hung blankets around and jumped out and grabbed my foot. Ha! He's so creative.

Will is still the Grinch of Halloween. He wore a Spiderman costume to the first Halloween event we went to, but since then has refused to put anything on. It's funny, and in those moments I'm so glad I didn't spend money or time making fun themed family costumes.

Though that would be fun some year.

Merit has a little tooth poking up! One tooth is almost as cute as two-teeth on bottom. That is a fun stage of babyhood, the two-teeth-on-bottom stage. I can't believe she is so grown up. Six months and one day old today!

Happy Halloween!

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