28 October, 2016

Good Things to Come

This is one of my favorite talks, ever. LDS or not, I think you will love it. 

My favorite part is that I've seen this principle in my life: there is always happiness ahead. And not just years ahead! Moments ahead. Even if they're just small moments of joy, they are there. I know that to be true.
Kjel, winter 2015 
My last two pregnancies have been so tough. I've had serious bleeds with each of them that have been dealt with by modified bedrest, which is a major trial for me because inactivity makes me lean toward depression. I have to work so hard to see and feel joy during that first tri

mester when I'm constantly worried about the baby surviving, feeling guilt for vacuuming or picking up a toddler, and trying to keep morbid thoughts out of my head.
Gage, fall 2013
Last October when I was pregnant with Merit, my mom came out for a few weeks. She made grape jelly out of concord grapes that I'd picked right before she came; she made Canadian air buns (oh my heck, yum), taught the kids all sorts of Japanese words, and sewed beautiful blankets. She pampered the heck out of me. It was such a delight! She is such a delight. I think she's a delight because she believes in good things to come.
Will & Daddy spring 2015
Isn't it a glorious world? With all the troubles and sorrows and worries, there is still so much good. I see it every single day. When I go to pick up Gage from school, most of the parents I see are happy and loving. There are some grumps, but mostly they are affectionate and sweet. It makes me happy to see so many happy families. 

Merit - May 2016


  1. Thanks for that sweet shout-out Brookie. That picture of Merit reminds me of Sierra, but the older she gets, the more she looks like you. Love you princess.

  2. Brooke, you and your words are beautiful. I'm so happy to know you! This is one of my favorite talks, too!

    1. HEATHER!!!! We need to catch up sometime! I have missed you!


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