07 October, 2016

First Days

Gage's first day of school this year was ALSO his seventh birthday! Such a fun day and week. The kids and I went to his school that afternoon with chocolate cupcakes and donut holes and the class sang to him and had a little celebration. It was sweet. I can't believe this boy is SEVEN. 

Kiel started play school the next week. Just a little co-op preschool with church friends. I was at a doctor's appointment, so Steve took her for me. She was so excited to go.

Note to future Brooke: don't agonize over future preschool decisions. Unless you feel really awesomely great about sending them to preschool, just keep them home. That last year before kindergarten is so precious - it's the last chunk of time you have to be with your child all day long, for the rest of his or her life! 

I'm so glad Kjel is only gone one morning a week. We have read more books, baked more (uh-oh), gone on more nature walks, played pretend, stickers, play-doh, painting, and chatting than ever. She is old enough to do more-mature-than-toddler activities, and she is the oldest kid at home which means Gage isn't usurping all the attention (love ya, Gage! ;). It's been so good for both of us. And nope, not a bit worried that she will have a hard time adjusting to full-day kindergarten. I think that the confidence that she's building with so much fun at home with me is going to serve her well as she enters the world of public school. 

End rant. 

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