13 October, 2016

Easy Peasy Family Fun Night Making Halloween Decorations

For Family Home Evening this last Monday, we packed into the van and drove to the dollar store. Everyone got to pick out ONE item from the craft section and together, we'd figure out a fun way to put everything together and make a Halloween decoration as a family.

Dollar Tree is like a cool kid that I want to be friends with, but doesn't want to be friends with me. Ha. I love our dollar store, but I do think that every couple months when we pull up the employees are like, "RUN FOR COVER!" My kids also love the dollar store.

"Can I have this for my room?" Kjel says, holding up a candle with the Virgin Mary on it.
"I NEED MORE HOLE PUNCHERS! AND HIGHLIGHTERS!" hollers Gage, filling a basket.
"HABBIT TANNNY?!" (Have it, candy?) cries Will.

Poor Steven. Poor Dollar Tree shoppers. It's funny. I'm so glad I can laugh in these moments now.

I had to remind them, a few times, that we were NOT buying things for ourselves, that we were here on a mission. Though we did end up buying a giant purple spider for Kjel and a tiny skeleton for Gage before we left. I am a woman unafraid of compromise.

Anyway, we ended up buying:

Glitter (Kjel)
Googly eyes (Gage)
Felt squares (Mommy)
Construction paper (Daddy)
 $4 (plus $2 for the spider and skeleton)

Merit and Will were exempt from this activity.

When we got home, we turned on Room on the Broom (it's a cute 20-ish minute Halloween story on Amazon Prime, thanks for the tip-off, Mari!) and decided on how to execute our plan.

I cut out the ghosts, the kids placed the eyes (I hot glued them on). Meanwhile, I also cut out bats and the kids put glue and glitter on them. Then, when everything was dry, I hot glued the ghosts to some yarn we already had.

Everyone loves our cute ghosts. I think Halloween is only fun when it's cute-fun, not scary-fun. Gage is totally baffled by this, every single day he begs me to take him to the seasonal outlet Spirit of Halloween next to our grocery store. I tell him that when he's a daddy, he can take his kids to a super scary store that will give them nightmares, and that he can call me when they are twenty-five and still too scared to move out on their own because they were so traumatized from the scary things at Spirit of Halloween. I think I have this mom thing down. ;)

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