19 February, 2016

Winter Break

Here in NY we get something called winter break. It's a week off school in the middle of February, presumably so that we can last through the winter without mental breakdowns. I love it.

I don't want to forget all the fun things we did so I'm writing them down:

Monday: stay-home day. I deep-cleaned the downstairs while we played and played, all day. By afternoon, we were still in jammies and snuggled up to watch a movie after dinner. The kids all stayed up and went to bed easily.

Tuesday: In the morning I took the kids' pictures, then the afternoon was our play-date with the Kjars. This was a snowy, slushy day. I had an OB check-up in the morning and we spent the afternoon with our good friends in their nice warm, cozy house.

Wednesday: Went to the treehouse playground at the Great Northern Mall, got free cones from Friendly's, and bought Gage some new church pants and a jacket from Old Navy.

Thursday: We made chocolate chip cookies and then took a wild trip to Costco. This was one of the harder days; I was really, really tired. But the kids were champs and we ended the day strong.

Friday: Today. The morning was one of my more successful endeavors as a young mom. I kept thinking that we should rush to the next activity, but then felt prompted to keep my mouth shut and let the day happen. The kids and I colored, built legos, built blocks, tidied up, got dressed, snuggled, played on the iPad and watched Diego while I rested ;), and then spent the afternoon out and about. Gage really wanted to go out to eat for one of our dinners during winter break and we had a gift card to 5 Guys, which is Steven and Gage's favorite place ever, so we went there and got burgers and fries. So yummy. Then we had coupons for free cones from Friendly's, so we got some ice-cream and then came home and put on jammies. The kids were exhausted but wanted to play, so we read books, wrestled, and played Gage's new favorite game: Ender's Game Battleroom. Everyone just runs around shooting pretend laser guns yelling, "you're frozen!" It's good exercise :).

Tonight I put the kids down while Steven and Gage ran to Wegman's for some things I needed for the weekend. Both Will and Kjel went down beautifully. Right now Gage is in the basement with Steven working on framing one of the rooms. Life is good.

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