30 November, 2015

Fall 2015

So much happened. Gage started first grade and turned six on the same day. We brought cupcakes into his classroom (after I had made 22 and decorated them with these little star wars things that I'd express shipped so they'd get here in time, then found out that we could only bring in store-bought treats, ha!) We celebrated Gage's special day that weekend with all of his friends for a little Star Wars party. They had lunch, opened gifts, and played with light sabers. Gage wanted to eat at Moe's for lunch, which is his all-time favorite restaurant. I love that he has real preferences now.

We spent a lot of time outside this fall, either in the yard or out on some of the gorgeous hikes in the area. We loved Pratt's Falls; it's the perfect small loop trail for a family, then we walked over to the Falls after and we loved the lush greenery.

Of course we also enjoyed a lot of Halloween fun. I got to be the Room Parent (bum bum BUM) for Gage's class party. It was wildly fun ;). The costume parade beforehand was adorable because both Will and Kjel couldn't bear to just watch, they had to join their big brother.

Will and Kjel had fun at their nursery-age Halloween party at the church. Will refused to wear a costume, while Kjel truly didn't take hers off (and I think she wore it yesterday after church too).

Trick-or-treating was ridiculous this year. Our neighbors are so generous! I put Will to bed because he was being a bear, and Steven and his parents took the older two out. They both came home with pumpkins full to the brim with candy. We ate pizza and traded candies. Fun night.

My mom came out to visit for a few days and it was sweet and wonderful. I miss her so much! The kids loved playing with her and telling her all of their little important things. She's a perfect grandma. My in-laws also came out for Halloween and to watch Gage's final soccer match. He scored a goal!

And then came November :). I will post more later about what we've done so far this month, but for now here are some photos from September and October. I feel bad because my photos are so one-sided. I wish I'd uploaded Steven's photos too so that you could get his perspective! Maybe I"ll go back later and edit them in.

Now for a mushy thought - it doesn't matter what we are doing or where we are or what kind of weather it is, when I'm with my family and we are all present and trying to do what we know is right, there is joy. I'm so thankful for that!

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