09 October, 2015

Goodbye, September!

Almost halfway through October, but I had to publicly thank September for the sweet send-off it gave to summer. Now that we're plunging right on through autumn, the leaves are red and orange and the air smells like cider, but September was more mild. The weather was warm with cool breezes, the trees were still shady and green, but the pretty vines that are twisting up the maples began to glow vibrantly red, and of course the sunrise steadily moved lazily back and the sunset began to come sooner.

We spent September enjoying each other. This time of year is always busy for Steven, so we've missed him a ton, but the children and I (and Steven when time permitted) made many sweet memories playing in the yard, baking pumpkin treats, and reading books on the patio. 

I'll miss this September for its mild sweetness. There are some months that are torrential and sharp and exciting for their events and weather and I love those months, but I've started to love the times of year that are gentle and meek and couldn't care less if anyone gave them notice or gratitude. I want to be more of a September, if you know what I mean. And I'm sure you do, because you are probably a kindred spirit. 

Gage spent September developing a love for Ninjago, getting used to his new school, and making all sorts of funny friends on the playground. His stories rival Twain and someday I'll write them all down. 

Kiel spent September traipsing around naked (she refuses clothes most days), helping me, loving Will, and building various structures with blocks.

Will spent September snuggling, pointing at things, pretending to pick up imaginary food and feeding it to himself and others, and taking up shelter in his playhouse whenever possible.


Gage, in his own world, playing Ninjago

Will, growling. 

Crunching our neighbor's leaves while waiting for the bus. 

Pumpkin Muffin Batter

A tired boy from all sorts of backyard-shenanigans taking refuge on my lap.

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