29 September, 2015

I decided to make this blog private, and assumed that Blogger would be classy about adding people to our "this is a friend, not a stalker, allow them to read our blog" list. But no, Steven's email is the default on our computer and when I saw this ridiculously gaudy invitation to read the blog, I clasped each side of my face and nearly howled in embarrassment. Nearly, I didn't really.

So if you've been invited to this blog and you are wondering why, it's because you were on my gmail contact list and I clicked on your email as one that I recognize. Oh heavens, technology.


At the end of August/beginning of September, we went to Utah for my sister Sierra's wedding. It was a whirlwind! We spent a few days in Idaho at my parent's new home and it was a sweet reunion with all of my siblings and nieces and nephews. We spent a lot of time swaying on the swing hanging from their gigantic weeping willow, eating the plums that were tart and juicy.

Of course there was wedding planning and last-minute packing all amidst the quiet and peace of family time, but it was nice. My favorite parts were late at night when my dad and brothers would build a fire and we'd gather around it and sing songs like, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" and "Sister Golden Hair". I vowed NO S'MORES before I went, but like Anne, it is not requisite to place one's word of honor on cows, or s'mores. Because I ate way too many.

After Idaho it was back to Utah, and into the wild world of weddings. We had a fantastically weird and fun bachelorette party for Sierra, a small birthday party for Gage and Azure, and lots of playing around and teasing and eating guacamole.

We got to see our Call family two days in a row which was great, I really do have an amazing extended family. After introducing myself for the hundredth time as, no, not Sierra, no, not Azure. Yes, Brooke, I think they finally remembered me, (which is more than I can say because all of my great-uncles and aunts look the same, and I don't think any of them are on my google contact list so they can't be offended by my saying that).

Utah is the land of Cafe Rio, and we went twice, which was a bit underwhelming as I planned on gorging there at least every day, but time was short and I went with my heart over my belly. Good choice, because I still feel like I didn't get enough time with my siblings.

The wedding day was wonderful. After the ceremony, I snuck into the Bridal Room with Sierra, my mom, and Sierra's new mother-in-law. (They have a strict ONE-and-only-ONE escort per bride rule), but I used some of Gage's most practical ninja advice and passed through the doors unseen by all. Or maybe they just didn't mind. Either way, it was nice to be there to straighten her veil and help her with her make-up.

The reception was a mix of bitter and sweet. I don't do well with receptions. I mean, the first hour is great, but then the winding down begins and I feel all awash with emotion. I had to go inside when they had their grand exit, with sparklers and music and lots of cheering. I sat on the bottom step in the basement and let myself have a good, ugly sob. And then I stood up, washed my face and began the process of taking down the reception. My little bother, Bryan, pulled me into an awkward but wonderful swing dance to "L-O-V-E" and that threw me right out of my pit of sadness.

Anne walks home from Diana's wedding feeling melancholy. "Diana was the bride of my dreams." I feel the same way. There is something so... final about a sibling getting married. Especially a little sister who you still think of as a toddler. You feel like you should be getting into the decorated truck with them, you should be telling them all your thoughts and ideas as they leave for their honeymoon, and then you should eat a big room-service dinner with them, in your PJ's, and they shouldn't want you to leave so they can be alone.

But alas, it's not the case. Those two had starry-eyes only for each other. My jealous sister heart had to accept that and love Brett anyway. Anne says, "I don't exactly hate Fred." I don't hate Brett at all, I love him dearly. But somehow that makes it even more emotional.

Oh weddings.

Utah, you did well. Thanks for being a gracious host.

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  1. So good to hear about the wedding. I'm happy for your family to welcome a new brother!
    What kind of chair are you sitting in on the grass?? Looks different!


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