20 September, 2015


Steven and I spent our seventh wedding anniversary in Boston. It was dreamy! I love Boston so much. We spent Friday afternoon in Concord visiting Louisa May Alcott's home, Sleepy Hollow and Author's Ridge, and eating lunch at the Main Street cafe. It was so good. I got real clam chowder and a harvest turkey sandwich (stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey on rye). I almost died from an overdose of deliciousness. Steven got a burger that he said was so, so good. Which made me happy, because he is a connoisseur of burgers.

We drove into Boston to meet Steven's parents who happened to be on a  romantic getaway themselves. We saw a Houdini-type magician at Fenuil Hall and then met them for dinner at the oldest restaurant in the whole United States, that all the presidents have loved. And also many celebrities. They have little plaques that show the names of all the famous people who have frequented their restaurant. I wish I'd taken a picture because it was kind of silly.

I ordered lobster with Boston's famous seafood stuffing. It was so good, it almost felt wicked to eat it. But not enough that I didn't chow down. Steven got a buttery-rich filet-mignon. I am seriously regretting that I didn't take him up on his offer to try a bite.

It was so fun to leisurely chat with my in-laws. I am a lucky girl. I married into a loving, supportive family that appreciates me for exactly who I am. Couldn't ask for more.

After dinner we sauntered down to the seaside and enjoyed a walk on the pier. The sunset was beautiful and the sailboats floating ethereally on the glass-still water made me wish I'd brought a canvas and some paints because that was a moment that my imagination couldn't have made more beautiful.

In true Redfern fashion, we had dessert at Ghiradelli's after looking at the beautiful view from Toni and Poncho's room in their hotel close to the pier. Such a gorgeous place to stay. I'm sorry to go on and on about food, but I simply must. I ordered a salted caramel sundae and it was so good that I almost died, right there on the stiff stool of the ice cream shop. They had to resuscitate me with those shocky things. Just kidding.

We walked around Fenuil Hall some more and encountered some really amazing musicians, especially a duo called Tall Heights. They sang a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Coldplay's, "Til Kingdom Come". That song has always had deep meaning for me because I first heard it when I was barely pregnant with Kjel. I had had a late miscarriage before that pregnancy and had felt like I'd been waiting for my little girl for eons of time, so the line, "for you I'd wait till kingdom come, till my days my days are done, say you'll come and set me free, just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me" almost always brings me to tears.

We stayed a little longer than Toni and Poncho and watched some street dancers but then when a drunk lady tried to join them and they kept telling her to stop interrupting their act, we realized that we felt that creepy feeling of danger lurking nearby, the prickles on your neck kind of a feeling, and we drove back to the apartment our good friends let us use for the weekend, just about half and hour outside of Boston.

The next morning we drove back into Boston, ate crepes for breakfast, rented bikes from the Hubway and decided to explore the Freedom Trail. We first rode over the bridge to Bunker Hill and it was so sacred! The site was truly hallowed. I felt really close to the Spirit while we were there, reading the signs and soaking in the ambience. I felt so patriotic. When we rode back down the hill we went over to the USS Constitution, looked around, then rode back over the bridge.

Steven's parents were about to eat lunch in Little Italy and so we met them over there. I'm so mad at myself because every time I think about this, it's a regret. I should have gotten the stuffed manicotti. But I got an appetizer instead. I do love caprese and this one was amazing. Huge slices of juicy tomato, fresh basil, and milky mozzarella, all drizzled with a caramelly-rich balsamic sauce. Steven ordered angel hair pasta with meat sauce and meat balls, also dreamy. I never thought meatballs could sound romantic, but after that lunch, they do.

The restaurants in Boston's Little Italy are interesting, they're tiny. The size of a medium-sized living room. Some of them have as few as four tables in them. The walls are covered in wine racks and old photos of what Boston used to look like. So charming, so quaint. I loved every second of it. Of course the conversation only made it more rich, because I just love chatting with good ol' T&P.

After lunch we walked over to a famous bakery, oh man, I can't remember the name. We were so stuffed that we didn't order anything, but enjoyed looking at the innumerable variations of cannolis and pastries.

We said goodbye to the Redferns and rented our bikes again. We decided to ride to Harvard's campus and look around. It was a looooong bike ride, and my bum was exceedingly sore, very quickly. Harvard was kind of a disappointment. I've since heard that our mistake was that we didn't visit the Business College. The ride was fun, though, and though I did feel a few pangs of worry when we found ourselves in areas where all the cars had smashed windows and missing tires, we biked our little hearts out and ended up safe and sound, on the bridge back to the pier, where I desperately needed to try a lobster roll before we began the long drive back to New York.

We found a place called The Grainery and settled in for a summery-fresh outdoor meal. The lobster roll was a dream. Steven was dazzling. The sound of surf and wind was heavenly music.

The drive home was beautiful. We live in such an amazing area. I love that there is more green than my eyes can seem to absorb. I love that the air always smells fresh and piney. I love that the end of summer brings honey-colored skies and cidery-spice to the air.

I especially love that the seven years I've been married to Steven really feel like maybe one or two. It is probably a really good thing that it doesn't feel like it's been even close to seven. We've passed through sorrows, we've experienced our share of stress and heartache, but the joy has been so profound, so frequent, and so appreciated, probably because we've experienced opposition from the get-go. I'm thankful for the best friend that I've found in Steven. I am more myself with him than with myself.

I can't wait to bring the kids to Boston. They will absolutely go ga-ga over it. We did! Thanks for an amazing time, Ye Oldest City On the Continent. And Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a perfect anniversary! Boston sounds like such a fun place to spend a weekend!

  2. Brooke! I've been meaning to ask about your anniversary get-away. I'm glad I got to read about it (and see pictures besides!) You are so beautiful and wonderful and it's fun to see that Steven knows how lucky he is. :) I love your blog!


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