01 June, 2015

Bedtime Chat with Gage

Tonight while I was laying on the lower bunk, singing in my bedtime voice (as quietly as possible while sound is still coming out, mostly just vowels because the hard consonants make Kjel jump when she's dozing off, it's really kind of the creepiest voice you'll ever here), Gage leaned over from the top bunk and told me that he needed to ask me a question when I came up to his bunk, after Kjel was asleep.

So she took a couple more breathy songs, but finally her eyes rolled back and twitched a little, and I knew I was in the clear.

When I climbed into Gage's bunk, he was ready:

"Mom, here's what I'm worried about. What if the world is going to end and we're all just going to die? What if we're not going to live as long as Jesus says we are? I just don't get all that stuff."

I talked about what eternal life actually means, spirits, bodies, resurrection, all the Mormon stuff you non-Mormons probably think is pretty 'peculiar' (tee-hee-hee, Mormon joke), and then I tried to gently and sweetly calm his fears thinking this was a major Mom Is Awesome moment that he would tell his kids about in twenty years.

"Do you have any more questions for me?"

He swallowed.

"Yeah, I do. Mom…. Mommy, where is Meet the Robinson's? I think we need to watch that more, but I have no idea where it is."

"I'll try to find it tomorrow. Any more questions?"

"Yeah, Mommy… what do I do if I'm hungry and it's late? Like right now. Like I could really eat a lot of food right now, but I know you said earlier that it was my last chance to eat. So…"

"I'll send Daddy up with a banana."

"Or I could come downstairs."

"I'll send Dad up."


I'm trying to decide what my favorite stage is, because lately I've been in a trance thinking about tiny newborn babies and how much I adore them. But then I also love to smily, smushy, learning toddler years. And the independent, hilarious-but-also-mean, incredibly affectionate 3-4 year old stage. Five to six is new to me, but I love it. He's so funny, he's so real, he's a deep thinker, and he helps me so much with the other two. He's at the stage of life where he is beginning to love learning because it pushes him, and I love that. We are connecting in a whole different way than before - one where we can discuss different ideas and principles and there is something really magical in that.

I love Gage more than I could ever try to explain; even when he asks for snacks at bedtime ;).


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