06 May, 2015

Before I Forget

Gage came down this morning and laid next to Steven and said, "Daddy, do you want to keep sleeping?"


"Okay, don't worry. I'll find something to do so you can sleep."


"You know, Dad, maybe you should just give me your phone. I haven't played on your phone for a whole day. Imagine if you had something you really wanted to do and you couldn't do it for a whole day."

(Steven handed Gage the phone - there was only a little battery left so he played for ten minutes).

Later in the morning when we were getting ready, Steven asked Gage if it had all been part of a plan:

Gage said, "Yes. I planned it this morning so you could sleep."

Such a cutie. And for your information, Future Gage, you haven't played on Daddy's phone for at least a week. Not a day. When you start understanding what measurements of time really mean, you will be way the heck too persuasive. Stay five forever, bud.


A few nights ago I was laying in Gage's bed with him; I told him I was proud of him and he asked me why. We were whispering because Kjel was asleep on the bunk below. I started lifting off the reasons and started our goodnight ritual. But he looked kind of sick. So I asked him how he was feeling.

"Not good, Mom. When you were whispering in my ear, the hot breath went into my ears and into my body and made me feel like I have to throw up."


In the car a few days ago, Gage said something unkind to Kjel, and with all of her little girl strength, she said, "Jage, that hurts my heart."

Almost killed me with cuteness.


Will has developed this weird habit of reaching down the back of me and Steven's pants when we are within reach. It is extremely awkward. Especially because we don't usually realize it's happening till he's literally grabbing our bums OR biting them. Oh yeah, he's a biter.


Steven and I wanted to play Monoply really bad (this is probably about a month ago now). We had been talking in Gru/Russian accents for days because once you start it is really hard to stop. He didn't want to drive all the way to Target or Walmart to buy Monopoly so he called the Kinney that's down the street from our house and asked in a thick Russian accent if they happened to have Monopoly for sale. They did. I almost died laughing when he told me about how he had to keep talking in the accent the entire time he was at the store.

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  1. This post KILLED ME! Im seriously laughing so hard. Will touching (biting) your bums, how kjel says gage as "jage" ans yours and steves obsession with Russian accents ;) haha


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