17 December, 2014

This Autumn

These two, and the first house they hit up for Halloween. These people gave FULL SIZE candy bars. What is the world coming to?! In a good way ;)

I've happily let go of any ambitions for this silly blog of ours to be anything but a lovely memory book for my kids to occasionally glance at when they are feeling nostalgic as grown-ups.

I realized while nursing Will before his naps that I can blog from my phone (imagine that! technology!) and thereby move the over abundance of photos from my phone to their rightful home in our family chronicles. 

I felt the poor photo formatting deserved an explanation ;).

All of these pictures are from this autumn, which came and went far too quickly. It was a season of crisp apples, cool breezes, and long walks through crunchy leaves. I loved every second of it.


  1. Love all the cute photos! Love you all !

  2. Adorable, adorable pictures! Super cute costumes and love the one of KJ and that wee pie!


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