27 December, 2014

Holiday Baking

Sis and I spent yesterday morning in the kitchen making sugar cookies and chocolate-candy cane crinkle cookies. She loved rolling out the dough with her tiny rolling pin.

Gage, with precision, used the cookie cutters, and then a few hours later (while Kjel was outside with Steven) got to decorate them all by himself. He almost wept with delight, "You meant I get to put frosting and sprinkles on?! By myself?!"

Speaking of weeping, Gage lost it last night when I read "Love You Forever" to him and KJ before bed last night. KJ stroked his forehead for like five minutes while he let the tears roll freely down his little pink cheeks. I kept telling him we could read another book, but he cried harder at the thought of not finishing it.

Gage has the most tender heart on the planet; I hope he never changes.


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