11 May, 2014

Mother's Day

Steven and Gage a few years ago in Venice Beach, CA

Dear kids,

Mother's Day, to me, is about you and Daddy. You've all made me a mother - by bringing out the patience, nurturing and forgiveness that I didn't know I had in me.

As you get older, your needs become so much more complex. For example, right now Will is only three months old. His needs are basic - he's hungry or tired or uncomfortable. It's easy to tell him I love him because all I have to do is pick him up and give him kisses and he really has no choice but to accept my love. KJ is barely a toddler and when I give her a kiss or a hug or a piece of candy, she automatically understands that I love her.

But Gage, you're growing up. Sharing my love with you the way I do with the younger two isn't enough. You need conversations and eye contact and unadulterated play time with Daddy to really know and remember that you are so very loved.

I have a feeling that as each of you get older, your needs will grow with you and I will do my best to stretch myself to meet those needs at every moment of every day, through every phase and growing pain.

I'm going to make mistakes (I already do, pretty frequently), but I hope you'll forgive me and that I'll forgive myself and that I'll be the mother that each of you deserve.

Each of you are the light of my life and the purpose behind every good thing I do. I love you forever. Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. This is such a sweet post! You're an awesome super mama! Happy Mother's Day!


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