03 March, 2014

The Three of You

Dear kiddos,

When I look at you, really look at you, like when I'm snapping photos and looking through a lens into your beautiful eyes, I remember how loved you are. I remember how much I love you and how much Daddy loves you, but I also remember how much your Heavenly parents love you. It's more than I can understand, which is weird because I love you so much that if I think about it too hard, my heart starts to ache with the depth of it. It seems like there can't be a deeper love than what I feel for you. But there is. And it's because you are wonderful, brilliant, kind, compassionate children who will never be forgotten or ignored by your Heavenly Father who will love you no matter what you do or think or say.

When you always remember that love and you truly believe that everyone around you is loved with the same depth that you are loved, you will live up who you are. You will represent yourself as a child of God because you will be kind and forgiving.

I have so many hopes for you - hopes for long healthy lives and true loves and adventures and experiences, but when it comes down to it, my most important hopes for you can be summed up in a few sentences. 

I hope that you'll be best friends, no matter what stage of life you're in.

I hope that you'll love each others' spouses, truly.

I hope that you'll have lots of inside jokes and that you'll laugh at inappropriate times and places together because you can't not laugh when you're together and supposed to be solemn.

I hope you'll talk about your feelings and experiences. I hope you'll talk about important things.

I hope you'll listen to each other.

I hope you'll be adventurers together. 

I hope you'll advocate for each other.

I hope that you'll encourage each other to choose the right, no matter what.

I hope you'll confide in each other.

I hope that you'll sing together.

I hope that you'll take vacations together often and that your kids will be close.

I hope that you'll forgive completely and forget; grudges are too heavy to carry.

I hope that you'll keep your promises and your covenants, that you will never be out of reach of feeling peace.

I hope that you'll love me and your dad, regardless of the many, many mistakes we are bound to make.

Mostly, I hope that you realize your worth and that you regularly remind each other of it. When you understand your importance and how much you are loved, your choices will reflect that knowledge and you will be happy. 




  1. oh my goodness...cutest thing of my life.

  2. Beautiful writing....and adorable pictures of your kiddos!

  3. I LOVE that one of Gage and Will face to face... they have the SAME mouth and nose... it will be cute when they're older together too... and Gage looks so big in the last one!!


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