24 February, 2014

Almost Two Weeks

Having a newborn is like trying to catch clouds. The days turn into weeks in a slow-motion-but-way-too-fast kind of a way and I find myself begging him to stay little. Will turns two weeks old on Wednesday and already my last week of pregnancy seems lifetimes ago. I can't really remember life without him - though, to be fair, I can't really remember anything lately. Sleep deprivation? Glorious newborn sleep deprivation?

Steven and I were talking about how when Gage was born, our world just completely turned upside down. We had no idea what the heck we were doing. It was an adjustment, to say the least. Not to say we didn't absolutely love being parents - the 900 photos I took of Gage's face in his first week of life are proof that I couldn't get enough of him. Maybe it's that we've done it twice now, but the adjustments to having a new baby this time around have been minimal. I'm tired, yes, but in the very best way.

I'm proud of my body. The first few days were, of course, fairly rough on the ol' cuerpo, but I feel like I'm - maybe not bouncing - but jiggling? back in good time. Still in pajama pants every day, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But I'm trying to stop focusing so much on the number on the scale and celebrate this body of mine that grew a human and an extra organ (did you know that placenta is considered an organ?) and then ejected both without disastrous consequences. And I mean, I can sleep on my stomach now. Let's talk about that!

Anyway, point in all of this is to record for little Will-debeast that life is good with him around.

Will sleeps in his swing most of the day. He prefers to lay on a blanket on the floor during his awake time and watch Gage and Kjel play. He is a typical newborn with his sleep schedule at night - he'll sleep for periods of one to three hours and then eat and coo and wiggle for about an hour before going back to sleep. I'm still working on getting him back into his swing or crib rather than (out of laziness) keeping him in bed with me.

He is completely unfazed by the noise that his siblings make while he sleeps during the day. In fact, I think it makes him sleep better. He doesn't mind the occasional jab to the eye via KJ, when she approaches, ready to snuggle the life out of him. He and Gage have long talks about robots and Star Wars when I ask Gage to "watch" him (trying to establish some feelings of importance in Gage while so much attention is on the littler siblings).

He's just a solid little dude. He's taken to his place in our family so naturally that it reaffirms to me that he was always supposed to be ours. Someday soon I'll record what day-to-day life is like so that I don't forget the details, but for now, just know that we are content and life is peaceful. Will, you belong here. Thanks for being ours.

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