12 January, 2014

Thirty-Seven Weeks Along

So this is me, yesterday, standing on the side of our shower because it's the only way I could get a torso-shot (we don't have a full-length mirror). Precarious, especially because I have no sense of balance when I'm not pregnant, so now it's like insanity to walk in a straight line, let alone balance on the side of the tub.

This is one of the only belly pictures I've taken the whole pregnancy! Can you believe that? I was so diligent with the first two. I'd like to blame it on the whole no mirrors thing, but the truth is that time has just really gotten away from me. BOOM, summer's over. BOOM, Halloween's over. BOOM, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now January is washing away any remnants of 2013 with fat rain drops that are not typical of this part of the world at this time of the year, but I don't mind.

This pregnancy has been wonderful. Not easy at all, but wonderful because I am constantly being reminded what a miracle it is that this child is coming into our family. I so took for granted my healthy, easy pregnancies with Gage and Kjel. This one has been full of worries, sonograms, frowning doctors, hugs from nurses who don't know what else to do, and then every once in a while enormous successes that leave us all a little teary and extremely grateful for miracles.

So don't worry, this baby is fine. And huge! At my sonogram last week the weight-calculation-robot-sonogram-techy thing predicted that the baby weighs six and a half pounds right now! I mean, truthfully that's barely above average, but my heck. It certainly makes me feel better about the number on the scale ;).

My next appointment is on Wednesday. I am just about at 37 weeks and I have no idea when this one's coming. Everyone seems to think I should know the exact date, but with Gage's early arrival and KJ's decision to never leave my womb except by crazy amounts of pitocin… well, I have no idea. I just really, really, really hope that my water breaks on its own. I fall asleep each night imagining the perfect labor and delivery and if wanting something badly enough can procure it, then guys, I'm about to have the best delivery ever.

But even if I don't, my spirits are high and I am just enchanted by this little thing in my belly. Oh, by the way, we did not find out the gender this time. It's been so fun! I know some of you will think we are absolutely nuts to keep it a mystery and maybe we are ;), but I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Hey little one! When you read this, you will probably be a teenager laughing at how silly your mom is, trying to be a cool blogger. I get it. I'm not offended. But I want you to know that even though my pregnancy with you has been so poorly documented, you've been on my mind every second for the past ten months. I have found so much comfort in feeling your little limbs squirm around, trying to get comfy. Gage has belly-laughed over your ridiculously wild hiccups, KJ has held onto you and rubbed your little body through my belly almost every morning that you've been big enough for her to discern. Daddy has found respite from the stresses of work and life in imagining you and the peace that you will bring (and have already brought) into our home, just by existing. We all love you so much.

See you soon!


  1. Been thinking about you Brooke, beautiful blog about your baby and family :) Good luck to you!

  2. Gah! You look spectacularly beautiful, Brooke. Love that baby bump. And I LOVE. Love. LOVE. that baby picture, you can tell already your little one looks like your other two. ADORABLE! Can't wait to see whether your little one is a boy or girl. Best wishes for that perfectly smooth delivery. <3

    1. Why, thank you Kati! I can't believe how detailed that ultrasound picture is! I think it looks just like both kids, too. But especially Kjel.

  3. Wow Brooke I have seriously been way out of the blogging world for too long! I cannot believe your about to have a baby, I feel like I was following your blog so faithfully and then boom I am out of the blogging world completely. Do you like how I say all this like we are actually best of friends who live right next to each other =) Congrats on number three. I cant wait to here how everything goes and find out what it is. I hope everything is okay and baby and mommy are healthy! You got me a little worried about that.

    1. Erin! Haha, how are you!?! Yep, a third kid! So crazy! We are all healthy and well. I'm going to go head over to your blog now.


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