14 January, 2014

New Things About the Gage

Gage has developed a love interest with letters. He'll start spouting off words around us: "Mom, what does this spell? C-H-E-V-R-O-N. C-H-E-V-"
"Chevron. It's a gas station."
"Okay, how 'bout this? 74NY1W?" 
"That's the license plate of that car. It's doesn't spell anything."
"But it has to, it's letters!"
And then a looooong explanation about government issued numbers and all that.
He plays an imaginary video game on his imaginary phone called Super Gage Strike and he's really good at it!
He loves love. I'm getting lots of questions about true love these days. His favorite couple is Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and sometimes he'll ask me if I can pretend to be Ginny and he'll shyly whisper in my ear that he, Harry, wants to marry me. Then he'll run away giggling and hide until he can overcome the shame.
He is having trouble making friends at preschool. He loves his teacher, loves his class, always has a smile when I come to pick him up, but he's always playing alone. His teacher says that's normal since he just started, but it always breaks my heart to see him wave goodbye to the remaining kids and be met by blank stares.
He loves to sing and dance and talk about everyone's feelings but his own.
He loves it when KJ goes out of her way to give him a hug.
His chores are to make his bed in the morning, take off KJ's boots and coat when we come in from an outing and put them away (as well as his own), and help me put away dishes in the evening.
He is my little rockstar.


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