21 January, 2014

And Our Little Lady

She's begun stringing together small sentences like "Bite. Mommy. Head." And "Daddy. Home. Soon?" She is at that stage where please really is the magic word and we can't resist giving in when she tacks it on at the end of one of her little sentences… "Mo coooookie…. peese?"

She loves brushing her teeth and when I really need her to do something the surest way to get her to move is to tell her that if she does it, we'll brush "fee" afterwards.

When I can't hear her, she's usually in the book closet, reading quietly to herself. Her favorite books right now are "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and "Olivia Counts". She loves books about potty training, too. I think they're weird, but you know.

When she wants to be held, she says in this little angel voice, "I haaaag you?" (I hug you) and of course we pick her up and take her for her money.

She likes to sing solos and if I join in, she'll stop and say, "No no no no no," in this really patronizing tone. When I've stopped singing she'll raise her eyebrows and hesitate before beginning her solo number again.

She thinks that praying is hilarious and laughs her head off when she tries to say her nightly personal prayers next to Gage's bed while he says his.

She's very, very loved. And I think that what I'm most excited about with this new baby is to see how she and Gage treat him/her when we come home from the hospital. I have a little suspicion that KJ is going to become even more motherly than she already is. We'll see ;)


  1. Such a sweet post! It will be so fun for her to read and appreciate this when she's older!

    My Wholesome Home

  2. Oh I LOVE it! It's so fun reading about other children who are about the same age as my kids and reading the things they are doing. Adorable. I was just about to get a post up about Zayden's new "tricks". KJ is the cutest. Seriously.

    1. Thanks Kati! I need to head over to your blog, I can't believe how fast our kids are growing up!

  3. How precious! I can't wait for the next one to get here!


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