19 December, 2013

My Sweet Gage

Lately he and I have fallen into the routine of "Rest Time" (it is sacred enough to be capitalized) while KJ is napping. Her strange nap schedule has finally seemed to settle in to an afternoon nap that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Once she's done, Gage practices his letters while I do some last-minute chores around the house so that I can truly relax. Then we climb into my bed, I give him my phone (don't judge) and he plays a Super Mario type game while I read a little then drift off to sleep for however long the kids let me.

KJ usually wakes me up with a wail over the monitor. When I wake up, Gage has encased himself in my arms and when he realizes I'm awake, starts telling me all about what he was thinking about while I rested. Usually I hear all about a visit from Luke Skywalker and Fred and George Weasley. 

Then we get up and move on with the day. 

Well, yesterday was actually amazing. I couldn't get myself to relax for the first twenty minutes or so of rest time. Which is frustrating. I had a lot on my mind and couldn't seem to suspend it for any period of time. After saying the alphabet about thirty times in my head, I finally drifted off and got a good solid twenty minute nap in WHICH IS HEAVENLY, AS ALL YOUNG MOTHERS CAN ATTEST! And I woke up feeling awesome and a little shaky. Then panicky. Gage wasn't two inches from my face. 

He was, in fact, wrapped up in a throw blanket AND our enormous duvet on the other side of the bed, rosy-cheeked and fast asleep. 

The kid hasn't napped for months, almost a year. And today, while the sunset made the snow sparkle (it gets dark pretty early here), my little boy fell fast asleep next to me. 


  1. Your kids are cute and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm not a mother yet but I can agree on how heavenly sleep is. I love to sleep because you dream and I love to dream. :)

  2. No judgement over here.... I let my oldest watch a cartoon while I doze for a quick nap whilst the littlest one nap in their room. Sleep is heavenly! And happy belated birthday. It sound like it was wonderful.


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