21 December, 2013

December Thoughts

Oh December, December. How I love you.

Taking some time away from blogging (and wrapped up in all sorts of Christmastime magic) has given me a good reminder of what this blog is about. Kids, it's for you! And your kids (maybe? if the internet hasn't blown up by then?).

So here's what we've been up to.

My birthday was on the thirteenth. It was a perfect day. Aside from one weird mood swing that lasted a good half hour or so (new baby, you're chock full of hormones). But after some quiet time for me, all was restored to peace and joy and it was a wonderful day once again. I haven't been a breakfast eater lately, so instead of breakfast in bed or anything like that, we just had a slow-moving morning. Steven took the morning off and we all stayed in our PJs for a while and watched the snow fall.

My favorite gift: Steven painted our living room white/grey! It was sage green before and while I didn't hate it, I always said how if we bought this house, I'd paint it white. He loves me!
While Steven was at work, the kids and I played like crazy in the snow. This is post-snow time and they were both exhausted.
The birthday loot!

And fall it did! Great mounds of snow everywhere and a perfectly grey sky was what I really wanted for my birthday. But I got other great gifts, too. We've adopted the Want/Wear/Need/Read gift-giving mantra for birthdays and Christmas and I love the simplicity. I've been drinking out of my new water bottle like a well-hydrated fiend, I've stayed cozy in my new sweater, (the shirt is a little too tight with this extra human in my torso), and I've just started "Emma" in this delicious book that I can't wait to sink my heart into.

Steven, as usual, showered me with love and treats all day and then took me out on a relaxing date to a local restaurant for dinner. We talked and talked and talked and it was wonderful. We were home earlier than we thought, and much to my delight, spent the evening watching an old episode of Downton and working on our newest puzzle. Oh yes, I forgot to mention this. We have become puzzle-obsessed. Oh heavens, it's ridiculous, really.

Since then, it's snowed a ton more and we've just been really content. I read a quote a while ago, "It is well with my soul", and I wondered, is it really well with my soul? Good thing December came around, because the constant reminders that you're never too far gone to find peace and joy in this life have instilled in me that yes, it is very well with my soul.

I love my life. I love my husband. I love my kids. December, I love you.

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