02 December, 2013

Book 27/100 | Allegiant

I made a goal to read 100 books in 2013 and I'm reviewing each one I read on the blog. A hundred is a lot so I am always looking for book suggestions. Feel free to comment with your very favorite books and I'll be sure to add them to my list.

And finally, I read Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The first and second books were really good; this one was pretty good. I like the author - I felt like she stayed very true to the story she was hoping to tell rather than writing only to appeal to an audience. This last book in the series was a little darker and harder for me to follow than the first two. Still, I liked the ending and it totally made me teary. Win! 

I'm a little sad that our long Thanksgiving weekend is over. Back to the grind, I guess.

I had an OB appointment today and received two vaccinations which have rendered both of my shoulders incredibly sore. Is this what it feels like to be an athlete ;)? Gage loves my appointments because he gets to play Star Wars Angry Birds on my phone on the swirly doctor's chair. It's a real treat for a four-year-old boy. KJ suffers though and makes sure we all know it. The temptation of drawers full of medical equipment and cotton balls is so great that she just can't believe I won't let her rummage through. Today I spaced out for a moment after getting the shots (I get a little queasy with needles) and snapped into awareness when I realized that she had somehow gotten a fist-full of tongue depressors and was trying to stick them in her boots. Am I raising a thief? 

I try to encourage the kids to be angelic while we're at the OB. Don't judge, but I have this nagging feeling that if they are good and sweet, they'll bring comfort to some newly pregnant woman or couple who have just found out they're expecting and are feeling that fear of "How the heck are WE going to be parents?" Of course, we usually arrive just fine but on the way out both kids have had enough and all they want to do is push as many buttons and steal as many STD pamphlets on the way out as possible. Oh, life. I love those two. 

Don't let anyone tell you differently - parenthood is tough, but it is wonderful. It's worth every tantrum and head-to-the-nose (both kids' weapon of choice against me. My nose will never look the same after their toddler years). It just takes a little extra energy and whole lot less caring about how you appear to others. Neither are easy to come by, but for some reason when you need to become something better or different than what you've been in the name of parenthood, it just kind of happens. 

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