08 November, 2013

Thankful | 8

We are in Montreal for a couple of days, but I had to send out a quick post about how thankful I am today for health.

I believe that my body is an incredible gift but when it malfunctions I tend to feel self-pity. I forget that every day, though sometimes I can't do everything I want to do, I can still do so much. Holding my children, walking, smiling, talking, breathing, tasting, hugging, sleeping, raking leaves. All incredible blessings of a body that, of course, isn't perfect, but is still wonderful. 

I'm thankful for a healthy family. I'm thankful for the rosy cheeks and energy that my kids have (even when it exhausts me - the energy, not the cheeks). I'm thankful that Steven has the immune system of Superman, except I don't even think Kryptonite could get him down. I'm thankful that when we aren't well, there are ways to feel better. 

I'm thankful that my body has pushed me forward instead of holding me back. What a blessing.

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