17 November, 2013

Thankful | 17

Today I'm thankful for Saturdays.

Saturdays are cause for great celebration in this house. Gage asks throughout the week, "How many days and hours till Saturday?" And I find myself just as giddy to get a full day with our whole family, no distractions and lots of plans. Saturdays are the perfect mix of productive and relaxing and I need them. I just do.

Yesterday we visited Santa at the mall and rode on the carousel a couple of times. We had a good lunch and while Steven went to a meeting, the kids and I climbed into bed and watched Tangled. It was just good. Nothing amazing - no, we weren't in Paris or hiking the Appalachians (though I want to!), but a good solid Saturday in my humble opinion, is one of many small adventures and sweet moments.

1 comment:

  1. we love saturday's too! Lately ours have been filled with basketball games for Q and kids movies which play at a local discount theatre. Whatever we're doing it's our favorite because we're all together.


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