16 November, 2013

Thankful | 16


I am so thankful for cousins.

We grew up in Guam then Alaska and so I never really got to know mine super well, but I love them. My kids are lucky because Steven and his cousins are closer than close can be (and I adore them, too), and that's a tradition we are going to carry on, no matter what. Jace, Cali, Kensington, Tyson, Gavin, Jackson, RJ, Connor, Christian, Tinsley, Blakely, Hollins, Bear, Ila, Adelaide and Ezra, (and your mommies and daddies), we love you!

Jace, Cali and Gage in Ukraine.

The Chapman cousins minus a few.

Steven, my sister-in-law Bree, and their cousin Ben.

Redfern cousins, pre-RJ

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  1. Oh I love this!! my hubby and I want this so much for our future kids. we never knew our cousins well, and regret that.

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