15 November, 2013

Thankful | 15

Aaand it wouldn't be right if I didn't say how thankful I am for my brothers!

I have two. One older, one younger. My relationships with both of them couldn't be more different, but I love them both immensely.

The only picture I could find with all three of us! Sad! But from the left, there's Caci (Trevor's wife - Trevor is my older brother), their two (now three) kids, Trevor, Bryan, Sierra, Azure, Me, Gage and Steven. And my cute parents in the background. 

There's something about brothers. You just want their approval so badly, do you know what I mean? You want to tell them things that you think they want to hear so that they'll think you're as awesome as you want them to think you are. Follow? And while I don't know if I'll ever be cool enough for my super cool brothers, I know they love me and they will always protect me. It's a good feeling, being sandwiched between two brothers.

There's no one else in the world that I communicate with like I communicate with those two. One look on my face, and they get it. Whatever it is I'm feeling, they just know. Sometimes that's just horrid because it leads to fits of red-faced laughter when we should be solemn… but most of the time, it feels good to know that words aren't necessary. And that when the look on my face is one of sorrow, desperation, grief or loneliness, neither have ever failed to take me in their arms and require no explanation at all.

One more thing about both of them - I can rock out with them in a way I can't with anyone else.

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