01 November, 2013

Thankful | 1

For Family Night last week we watched this:

(Never fails to make me a little weepy - Steven too. We're "major weepers", name that movie!)

Anyway, I feel like November always zooms by. It's my second favorite month and I mean, that alone makes every day go by way too fast. To make it more memorable, I want to document something I'm thankful for every day of the month.

Today, the first of November, I am so thankful that Steven is the daddy I always dreamed of (and more) for our kids.

I've never heard Steven criticize Gage or KJ. He corrects them when he needs to, but I know that they know that they are awesome because they know that Daddy knows they're awesome. Does that make sense? Love you, Steven. So thankful for you!


  1. Hooray for great daddy's. They make all the difference!

  2. Love this! I'm looking forward to seeing how my hubby is as a father! I just know he'll be the best.

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  3. It is so wonderful to see the person you love the most in that role!

  4. That was a great little Thankfulness video -- thanks for sharing!


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