31 October, 2013


It's a perfectly dreary, rainy, drizzly Halloween Day. We're planning on taking the kids around one of the old Victorian neighborhoods nearby as early as is socially acceptable to trick-or-treat tonight. I know this is just terrible, but one of my favorite perks of Halloween is after they're in bed and Steven and I get to rake over their candy and choose our favorites ;). 

I have loved this October. Gage spent most of the month calling me Wendy instead of Mommy which was probably confusing for passers-by who heard our conversations, but I loved how involved he became in becoming Peter Pan. Such an imaginative little guy! And KJ was happy to go along for the ride, even though her costume kept changing between Nana the Dog and a Lost Boy. Ultimately, we went with Lost Boy and I think she was just happy to wear her cute little dog costume. 

Can I stress how much I LOVE Central New York?! I have never experienced a more magical season than fall in this part of the world. The colors of the leaves are just unreal, everywhere you go you can smell fresh apples from the orchards, and it seems like every yard is decorated with a handful of pumpkins, small and large, on the steps, on the lawn, in the garden. It's as if the spirit of fall is completely contagious and no one can quite escape the need to participate.

So move here! ;)

Anyway, I must go make some cheese sandwiches for my hungry little monsters and read them a few spooky stories before KJ goes down for her nap, but we all want to wish you the Happiest Halloween!

Peter Pan without his sling shot, shadow or sword (his favorite accessories)

Lost Boy, Captain Hook, Pregnant Wendy ;), and Peter

Kjel's October was made when she got her very own cup of Monster Pudding at our Joy School Halloween Party.

Gage was so invested in this enormous pumpkin that he couldn't even smile - this is serious!


  1. Two, no three, things: 1) The fall there sounds so Wonderful -- thanks for helping us imagine it! and quite jealous, I am. 2) It is definately a sin to eat the best peices of candy out of your kid's halloween spoils -- I actually gasped ;p 3) I LOVE your costumes!! You make such a cute Wendy :D Okay, 4) That hat and vest Gage is wearing in the last picture are Very cute on him.

    1. Gracias! And I know.. it's kind of unthinkable to pilfer Halloween candy, but I totally did ;) Milky ways and snickers bars all the way!

  2. Your little family looks like you were plucked right off the pages of the Peter Pan book! Happy Halloween!


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