01 October, 2013

Be There

The other day while KJ slept (and my mom was at our house to listen for her), Steven, Gage and I went on a bike ride.

It was so nostalgic for me! When I was pregnant with Kjel and we lived in Idaho, Gage and I took daily bike rides through campus to visit Steven before picnicking at Porter Park and then spending the afternoon laying in the grass or tromping around the playground equipment.

Sometimes I forget to enjoy the moment I'm in, but two years ago during those bike rides, I was there. I was really present with my little dude and I'm so grateful for that. I vividly remember putting him in his little helmet and packing my bag with library books to take on sunny days, rainy days and all the days in between.

Makes me want to tattoo my forehead with, "WHEREVER YOU ARE, BE THERE, BROOKE!" so that whenever I look in the mirror I'm reminded to take a second and stop thinking about the future or the past or whatever thought is taking me away from the moment I'm in.

Do you know what I mean?


  1. Looks fun! Before I read the blurb, I was wondering if KJ took these pictures! haha. (not really)

  2. I'm right there with you! I definitely need to be better with just appreciating the now and enjoying it for all it's worth! Love this!
    xo TJ


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