09 September, 2013

Gage Turned 4

Gage's birthday weekend was filled with treats, toys and lots of friends. On Saturday, fourteen pals came over for a little pirate party and hunted for gold doubloons, did a pirate-themed cake-walk and yo-ho'd their little hearts out. So cute. Gage felt so honored!

Sunday was his actual birthday. We woke up early for crepe cake and smoothies and hot chocolate (his special request) and opened presents. After church we played with toys and had pizza (his very favorite dinner of all dinners on earth) and ate cake and ice cream. I was so happy that Target had M&M ice cream! Gage had asked for it specifically and I didn't think it existed, so I was all prepared to mix plain chocolate ice cream with mini M&Ms... no need! Oh Target, I love you.

Anyway, it's hard for me to believe that four years have passed since my little dude was born. I love him so much. He makes me laugh every day. Like, belly laugh.

Gager, at four years old to the day, you:

Love to give KJ kisses and hugs. Even when she's ruined one of your amazing lego creations, you melt when she gives you a big, wet, apologetic kiss.

Can play and play and play with Daddy until you both collapse from pure exhaustion.

Climb into Mommy and Daddy's bed every morning around four and wrap your little arms around us until we can't breathe. Then Daddy sends you upstairs. And then we repeat it until you're officially up around 6:45.

Are an amazing public speaker and a friend to anyone and everyone.

Feel happiest when you are outside, barefoot, digging in the dirt or climbing a tree.

Are the joy of my life. You make me laugh harder than anyone and you keep your Daddy company when he really needs a pal.

KJ thinks you are amazing. There is nothing more exhilarating than the moment when she realizes that you are awake and she gets to give you a big good morning snuggle.

And now, some photos.

When you blew out your candles, I made some wishes of my own. I hope your siblings are always your very best friends. I hope you are never afraid to be cheery and funny and outgoing, even when there are people who don't get it. I hope you always give kisses and hugs freely and never withhold all of that love in your sweet little heart. I hope that you and Daddy always confide in each other. I hope that you always know that you are the reason I smile every day. Happy birthday, sweet boy!


  1. I love how y'all dressed up! That is darling. Happy birthday to that cute boy. xoxo

  2. Cutest Pirate family EVER! I love Steven's earring and Gage's little mustache and KJ's bald head wrapped in bandana and you my friend are sporting baby number three quite gracefully. Tyler's birthday was Sunday too. Happy birthday Gage. Your family rocks!


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