29 September, 2013

G & K Lately

What to do with two best friends who are always loving each other to death. Is the question on my mind pretty much always.

These two definitely inherited their daddy's affection gene because they are about the snuggliest beings I know. In the morning when they see each other, KJ flies into Gage's arms with a whoop of joy and the biggest smile you've ever seen. Then, throughout the day (in between little tousles and arguments) they'll have these laughing matches that make the house shake. Seriously. They are so loud! One will start laughing ridiculously, then the other will start laughing even more ridiculously and loudly and they'll just keep going until they're both screaming these high-pitched terrifying yells. It's funny when you're not on the phone ;).

They're big on wet kisses and holding hands every possible second. Gage loves to feed KJ everything and anything and she is more than willing to "share" whatever she has with him by thrusting her toys into his arms then crying until he plays with him - and by plays I mean half-heartedly marches the dolls around, rolling his eyes. Total big-brother mentality and I just love him to death.

It would be a total lie to say that they are little cherubs who are perfect all the time - they are not. But they love each other and like each other and that's the best.


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